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Matyáš Novák novak@vzuplzen.cz
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List of accredited tests

List of all accredited tests.

Accredited tests

Name of test procedureTested object
Tensile testing at room temperatureMetallic materials
Tensile testing at elevated temperatureMetallic materials
Tensile testing of Grey cast ironCast iron with lamellar graphite
Determination of tensile propertiesPlastics
Determination of tensile propertiesForming plastics
Tensile testing at low temperaturesMetallic materials
Determination of plastic strain ratioMetallic materials, sheets and strips
Testing of plane anisotropyMetallic materials
Tensile testing of flat woven webbing slingsTextile straps binding of synthetic fibers
Compression testHard metals
Determination of compressive propertiesPlastics
Charpy pendulum impact testMetallic materials
Charpy pendulum impact test - instrumented methodMetallic materials
Determination of temperature brittleness of structural steelsMetallic materials
Charpy pendulum impact testPlastics
Bend testMetallic materials
Determination of flexural propertiesPlastics
Bend test of test specimen with weld depositMetallic materials
Brinell hardness testMetallic materials
Vickers hardness testMetallic materials
Rockwell hardness test HRCMetallic materials
Longitudinal tensile test on weld metalWelded joints of metallic materials
Transverse tensile testWelded joints of metallic materials
Bend testWelded joints of metallic materials
Fracture test materialsWelded joints of metallic materials
Hardness testWelded joints of metallic materials
Hardenability test by end quenchingMetallic materials
Shear testMetallic materials
Shear testPins and grooved pins
Test of steel susceptibility to ageing after cold plastic deformationMetallic materials
Tube flattening testMetallic materials
Tube flanging testMetallic materials
Tube - Ring-expanding testMetallic materials
Tube - Ring tensile testMetallic materials
Crack growth rate test under cyclic loadingMetallic materials
Creep testMetallic materials
Relaxation testMetallic materials
Fracture toughness test of metals KId and JId. at impact loadingMetallic materials
Determination of strength limit by small punch testMaterials of turbine components
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