Code of ethics


  • During work activity we follow ethical principles and all valid and effective legislation regulating said activity, including respecting of standards and other documents from related field of work.
  • We do not tolerate and we do not support violation of human rights and freedoms, fraudulent negotiations, corruption, violation of rules of economic competition, discrimination and other illegal conduct.


  • We are always dealing transparently and honestly with all our customers.
  • We provide our services in a qualified and professional manner. We seek such solutions, which will fit our customers needs and consumer protection requirements on the highest level.


  • We deal with every individual with respect and decency and we follow human rights in accordance with relevant legal regulations, EU regulations and international contracts.
  • We deal with employees and colleagues always with respect to their race, ethnic origin, nationality, gender, sexual orientation, age, medical conditions, religion, faith, world opinion or other criteria, according to relevant legal regulations.
  • We create positive working environment for our employees where they can develop their potential and grow professionally. We do not accept any form of discrimination and abuse.

Suppliers (Trade partners)

  • We always deal with respect and honesty with our suppliers. We demand they follow our ethical standards and rules.
  • We strive to establish business relationships with partners with good reputation and who are following only legal activities within their entrepreneurship.
  • We follow the rules of international trade.

Public administration and other institutions

  • We follow the highest level of correctness and transparency when dealing with representatives of public and other institutions, and with respect to the roles both parties have.

Data and privacy protection

  • We process personal data only for legitimate purposes, which results from relevant legal regulations and contract relationships, or based on the agreement of the subject involved.
  • We protect business secret and other internal information and we prevent their leakage or abuse for gaining unauthorized advantages.

Conflict of interest

  • We prevent possible Conflict of interest of private activities and work position. In case of finding possible conflict of ineterst we inform the superior of the employees or managing director of VZÚ.
  • We use sources and means of the VZÚ company solely for fulfilmment of the tasks for VZÚ.

Environment and health protection and work safety

  • We follow all legal regulations which are relevant to safety of working, care for environment, protection of health and work safety.
  • We create and maintain safe working environment, we prevent work place injuries, we reduce the risks and we implement the best possible preventive measures against injuries and sickness in work place.
  • We minimize burden the environment and at the same time we improve protection of the environment.
  • We do not tolerate abuse of the work legislation.

Unacceptable payments and gifts

  • We never offer business attention (eg. gift, contribution or entertainment) if it could be seen as corruption or conflict of interest in given circumstances.
  • We never offer, promise, or approve any gift with the intention to gain and hold unauthorized advantages or gift, which would seem inappropriate in given circumstances.

Money laundering prevention

  • We follow relevant legal regulations, which forbid money laundering, supprot and financing of terrorism and which impose an obligation to report cash or suspicious transactions.
  • We do not allow payments in cash or via money tools which don´t have any connection to the customer or were revealed as mechanism for money laundering.
  • We follow the rule „know your customer“ and we check their credibility.

Rules of economic competition

  • We avoid any contact with competition which could lead to suspicion from VZÚ participation on forbiden agreements or dealings disturbing the competition.
  • We avoid spreading false information about the competition, their products and services.
  • We never speak with the thrid party which can compete with VZÚ about prices, costs, profit margin or other topics, which can be subject of the competition.
  • We do not suggest and close agreements with any competition about the conditions restricting the competition.
  • We never suggest or close any contracts or informal agreements, written or verbal, with customers (participants of the competition) which restrict freedom of the customer within the competition, especially regarding the prices for which and places where said customer can further sell or lease product or service to VZÚ.

Gender antidiscrimination policy

  • We honor the principle of equal treatment with men and women, which means there is no direct or indirect discrimination based on gender.
  • We apply affirmative / positive actions, therefore measures focused on certain group, which goal is to eliminate discrimination and prevent it or to help even the disadvantage based on traditional attitudes, behavior and structures.
  • We uphold the principle of giving the same wage or other monetary performance or reward for the same amount of work or for work of the same value.
  • We maintain the principle of gender mainstreaming, therefore the attitude to eliminate inequalities among gender. It is based on the fact, that in conceptual, desicion making and evaluating processes is used the evaluation of positive or negative impact of the decision on men and women in all the phases of preparation and implementation.