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Dynamic Testing Laboratory

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Jan Chvojan chvojan@vzuplzen.cz
Tel.: +420 371 430 710
Jaroslav Václavík vaclavik@vzuplzen.cz
Tel.: +420 371 430 721

List of accredited tests

List of all accredited tests.

Accredited tests

Name of test procedureTested object
Test of low-cycle and high-cycle fatigueMetallic materials, structural parts and assemblies
Fatigue strength testsCoupling devices with a tow ball
Strength tests of bogie frames and their componentsRailway vehicles
Vibration testsElectrical machines and electrical machines of driving vehicles
Seismic testsMachines and units in conventional and nuclear power plants
Residual stress measurementStructural parts
Tests of dynamic characteristic of spring suspensionTwo axles freight wagons
Residual stress measurement – Ring-Core method assembliesStructural parts and assemblies
Tests of dynamic characteristic of spring suspensionsFreight wagons with two axle bogie frames
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