Finishing the second phase of digitalization of surface treatments laboratories and of mechanical laboratory

From November 2021 our two workplaces, surface treatments laboratories and mechanical laboratory, are switching to digital management and administration of custom and project workflow. Digitalization of internal research and development processes will bring not only significant time savings and reduction of administration, but will mainly enable:

  • full digitalization of all paper guides
  • significant time savings in tracing samples and research results across research projects
  • work based on QR codes
  • possibility to quickly and accurately find saved research samples thanks to sample archiving database
  • comparing of test results between different samples in different time periods
  • full text search and „cross reference“ of samples
  • monitoring of spraying parameters, times and replacement of spare parts, which will enable monitoring the spraying process and predict possible problems
  • meter registration, including monitoring of the calibration
  • record of all research facilities together with supervision of their maintenance and service intervals
  • monitoring all measurements for audit purposes
  • online monitoring of currently performed spraying and planning of their production
  • transfer of work between individual deparments and the possibility of quick tracing of the current occurance of the sample

In the future, we are plannig next digitalization phase, which will include:

  • remote program management of spraying robots
  • automatic monitoring and recording of all process parameters, including the surrounding environment
  • recording and saving the whole process for the case of retrospectice evaluation of the spraying process
  • digital monitoring and planning of workers´ training
  • automatic generation of protocols for customers
  • monitoring storages of materials and spare parts, including their insurance stocks
  • project management of research projects from the planning stage to their implementation and successful completion

We believe that digitalization will bring greater efficiency for the whole custom and project workflow.