Dynamic Test Laboratory

The Dynamic Test Laboratory focuses on certified testing of strength and fatigue lifecycle of structures of transport vehicles, locomotives, railway carriages, trams, underground carriages, buses, automobiles, as well as structural parts of other machineries and power generators.

  • The laboratory conducts tests on complete products, in particular railways carriages in order to determine their fatigue resistance, seismic stress, and operation vibrations and shocks.
  • During its experimental R&D activities, the laboratory investigates fatigue properties of materials and structural components under conditions of simulated real operation environment.
  • In addition, the laboratory conducts tensiometric stress measurements under operation conditions, measurement of technological and residual stresses, and computational prediction of operation fatigue lifecycle.
  • The laboratory is certified by ČIA based on assessment of compliance with certification criteria according to EN 17025 standard. Under the certification the laboratory is qualified for objective and independent testing of 9 test procedures.
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  • The Dynamic Test Laboratory nurtures strong business relationship with one of the biggest manufacturer of rail vehicles in Australia, for which it provides in particular bogie frame tests and tests of other parts of the rail vehicles.
  • Similarly, the Laboratory nurtures tight business relationships with other domestic and foreign manufacturers, e.g., ŠKODA TRANSPORTATION, VÚKV, Wabec, Tatravagónka Poprad, Greenbrier, PESA, Kolowag AD, Bombardier Transportation, Siemens, and so on.

  • The key infrastructure of the Dynamic Test Laboratory is electrohydraulic loading system allowing many channel static and dynamic loading of whole products, parts of the structures and material samples in order to predict their operation lifecycle or experimental validation of their fatigue strength. The loading system is fitted with the state-of-the-art sophisticated control system to simulate operational and exceptional forces accurately, and completed with a robust measurement system.
  • The technical equipment of the laboratory is the best in class and the newest available on the market. Jointly with experts and superb trained and experienced staff, the laboratory creates a unique experimental workplace of the highest professional erudition.

The main certified method employed by the Dynamic Test Laboratory includes strength tests of bogies and bogie components according to European standards and EC regulations. Additional certified activities relate to the vibration tests of electric appliances of driving vehicles, and to seismic tests of NPP apparatuses by simulating of their function during an earthquake Measurement of residual stress of structural components using Ring Core method or bore drilling method is an important activity of the Dynamic Test Laboratory. All standardized regulations and directives of the certified activities by the Dynamic Test Laboratory are listed in the attached certification. Included are also the certified calibration services in the field of forces and force chains.