Engineering Production

Our experienced team of machine operators provide accurate piece and small-lot production. In particular, we specialize in ability to manufacture accurate products of miniature dimensions. We also devote substantial capacity to tailor-made production of test bodies.

  • NC milling

  • Cutting Wire cutting

  • Flat and round grinding

  • Surface finishes, and more according to agreement with customer

  • We produce bolts, nuts, pins, nozzles, rivets, sleeves, rings, test bodies, and more

  • Two turn benches from 1mm to 12mm

  • One NC lathe with 8-position Duplomatic head, range from 1mm to 100mm, production length 600mm

  • Two NC lathes with 8-position Duplomatic head, range from 1mm to 200mm, production length 1,000mm

  • One lathe with digital measurement sui 32, range from 1mm to 100m, turning length 600mm

  • One SN40 lathe, turning length 600mm, from 10mm to 150mm, and fine milling using a standard milling machine


  • Broaches, mills, grinders, saws, cutters, and more.

We pay detail attention to all jobs. In particular, we focus on small-lot jobs. Where many companies reject you, we are ready to help, including expert assessment of the material embodiment.

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