Patent obtained “Method of manufacturing a component with a surface coating”

One of the results of the long-term cooperation with partners from RTI ZČU (Ivana Zetková, Miroslav Zetek and Miloslav Kepka) is a patent entitled “Method of manufacturing a component with surface coating” (file no. PV 2021-388), which protects a process that enables the application of a protective coating by hot spraying on the surface of a 3D printed substrate without the need to include an intermediate surface treatment by blasting.

The elimination of blasting not only reduces the cost of manufacturing the coated 3D printed component, but also eliminates the possibility of defects due to unwanted corundum inclusions and, last but not least, reduces the environmental burden associated with the dusty blasting process and the need to dispose of the ingested blast media.

The patent was created within the M-Era.Net DePriSS project, thanks to the financial support of TA ČR.