Reduction of greenhouse gas emissions with the support of TA ČR and MZP

A project proposal by VZU and MMV entitled “Mapping the impacts of efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions through hydrogen admixtures on the lifetime of existing infrastructure of gas-fired power plants” has been successful in the sixth public competition of the Environment for Life sub-programme 2 – Eco-innovations, technologies and practices for environmental protection (PP2) of the Technology Agency of the Czech Republic and the Ministry of the Environment. The aim of the project is to enable the safe increase of the proportion of environmentally neutral hydrogen in hydrogen-gas mixtures, in installations currently using natural gas, and thereby achieve a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions. In order to achieve this objective, it is necessary to describe the effect of different hydrogen concentrations on the mechanical properties of the structural materials used, e.g. gas pipelines, in order to avoid irreversible damage by hydrogen embrittlement or corrosion and to increase the confidence of the technical community in the safety of using hydrogen-gas mixtures.