Workshop: Thermal sprays – application in engineering

Under the accompanying programme of the International Fair in Brno 2018 Výzkumný a zkušební ústav Plzeň

organized a workshop themed to „Thermal sprays – application in engineering“.

VZÚ Plzeň has been long engaged in the field of the thermal sprays in its R&D activity but also as sub-contractor of surface treatments using this technology.

The technology of the thermal spray stand for an innovative method for application of thick-layered coats from advanced materials applied on the newly produced and renovated machine components. The benefits include extension of lifecycle for highly stressed components and reduction of core material costs. The thermal sprays are to a higher extent used across the engineering, power engineering, electrical engineering industry and chemical industry, aircraft industry, automotive, and health care.

In the course of the workshop, the experts from VZÚ Plzeň shortly introduce the principle and possibilities for application of the thermal sprays in engineering, including the latest topics currently covered by VZÚ Plzeň.

The following examples of the industrial application will be included in the discussed themes:

  • Replacement of hard chromium plating
  • Minimizing of operational clearances (use of abradable materials)
  • Shear surfaces
  • Application for reduction of wear, corrosion, erosion
  • Renovation by thermal sprays

Regarding more information about the workshop, please contact:

Invitation to the workshop for download.