History of Research and Testing Institute Plzen Ltd. is tightly associated with ŠKODA company dating deeply back to the past, to the era of Austro-Hungarian Monarchy. The Experimental Institute was incorporated with the development of the ŠKODA industrial zone, and gaining of its independence dates back to 1907. Ten years later, the Experimental Institute moves to own spaces in Tylova Street where chemical, metallographic, and mechanical laboratories are established.

In 1953, the Engineering Institute was incorporated within the structure of the Institute that associated disciplines of engineering nature. In 1960, the Dynamic Test Laboratory was established for demanding simulation of complex force operation conditions. The Institute provided expert services and participated to R&D activities exclusively for parent Škoda concern.

In 1993, independent entity ŠKODA VÝZKUM s.r.o. Plzeň, was incorporated, active within ŠKODA a.s. until 2006, when ÚJV Řež, a.s. became the sole owner. In 2011, the historical name was dusted off and current Research and Testin Institute Plzen was established.

Construction of the building for the Experimental Institute

Commencement of the construction of the building for the Experimental Institute – completed in 1917. The Institute employed 37 employees. New apparatuses, shredders, and hammers were procured.

July 14, 1916

Authorization for researching of all types of materials

The Experimental Institute becomes authorized to research all types of materials in engineering and arms industry.

July 14, 1913

Relocation of the Experimental Institute to the building of Škodovy závody directorate.

At that time, the Experimental Institute has 2 laboratories. The chemical and mechanical ones. In 1910, the Experimental Institute authored 24,000 analyses.

July 14, 1909

A small metallurgic laboratory near the steel plant in old Škoda factory incorporated, Rožmberská street (Poděbradova now).

Quality of steel was evaluated subjectively by sparkle, bend, and fracture.

May 13, 1886