Applied Mechanics

Full computing support of R&D with the use of the latest approaches – computer simulation, evaluation of experimental data, production of computing applications.

  • Strength calculations, calculations of deformations and stresses in structured using finite element method
  • Optimization of structures with respect to weight and strength
  • Simulation of fast processes, crash calculations
  • Calculation of oscillations and fatigue of machine structures, seismic calculations
  • Simulation of dynamic behaviour of systems of solid and pliable bodies – multibody simulation
  • Simulation calculations of liquid flows and heat transfer by finite volumes method
  • Thermodynamic calculations, calculations of thermal load
  • Calculations of combined tasks (interaction of liquids and solid bodies, temperature field)
  • Use of AI in technical practice
  • Applied mechanics for technical tasks from a wide area of engineering practice
  • Research followed by development of computing modules and methods according to specific customer requirements

  • SW and HW in conformity with requirements to resolved simulations
  • ANSYS/Mechanical - dealing with dynamic, non-linear tasks from the field of strength stress
  • ANSYS/CFD/Fluent - dealing with flow problems and thermodynamic calculations
  • SIMPACK, Alaska - applications for multibody simulations
  • FEMFAT - dealing with fatigue tasks
  • LS-DYNA - dealing with fast processes and big plastic deformations
  • MATLAB - program environment for creation of own calculation modules and implementation of the calculations
  • a set of applications for production of calculation modules and networks (FEMAP, Gambit, ICEM, GridPro)

The input for calculations and simulations is usually technical documentation from the customer (drawings, CAD models) and a specific request for dealing with a technical problem. We guarantee confidentiality (usually through a confidentiality agreement).
The calculators from the Applied Mechanics department are in touch with the customer, and report regularly the course of work regarding to current job. In case of troubles or non-satisfactory results, the customer is immediately informed and participates on the proposal for potential structural changes that are then included in the model and recalculated. If needed, the modifications and recalculations may be repeated until a solution best suiting to the customer is found. The performed calculations and their results are documented in detail in the final professional report in the language according to the customer’s wishes.
Our calculation work is preferably based on the support of other departments of the company – finding out the material characteristics required for calculations, experimental verification of results, measurement of real stress, noise and vibration, etc.
We are still available – by e-mail, phone, video-conference, face to face either at you or at us.

Recent references of calculation works and simulations

Calculation assessment of energy components according to NTD ASI standards

Calculation assessment of rail vehicles according to ČSN EN 12663 standard

Calculation assessment of pressure cylinders according to ČSN EN 13445

Calculation of aerodynamics for railway applications according to ČSN EN 14067 standard